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Blackpool Illuminations 2009: Fun for all the Family

Blackpool Illuminations 2009: Fun for all the Family

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One of the UK theme parks I’ve really fell in love with is Pleasure Beach (in case you couldn’t tell hehe). So, I did a bit more exploring, and here’s what I’ve found so far…

Blackpool's Central Pier -- Ferris Wheel(credit)

If you’d like to see a dazzling light show this year, Blackpool Illuminations 2009 will tantalize, amaze and delight your whole family. This time-honored tradition attracts visitors to the area in droves, and the Illuminations remain one of Blackpool’s most popular tourist hotspots. Surrounded by luxurious casinos, the Pleasure Beach family theme park, and spacious beaches, the Illuminations thrill tourists year after year with their innovative designs, spectacular visual illusions and amazing colors.

The History of Blackpool Illuminations

Interestingly, the first Illuminations were never designed to be a light show. In 1879, Blackpool’s Council began experimenting to replace the traditional gas streetlights with electric lighting. At the time, around 100,000 people gathered on Blackpool’s streets to watch the “turning on” show. It wasn’t until much later that the Illuminations became the modern sensation that it is today.

In 1912, Princess Louise opened a new section of boardwalk. No party would be complete without Illuminations, so this was when 126 years of Blackpool light show history all began!

Blackpool Illuminations -- UK Theme Parks(credit)

Blackpool Illuminations 2009

Famous comedian Alan Carr flipped the switch for this year’s show on September 4th 2009. He unleashed six miles of stunningly bright bulbs between Squires Gate and Red Bank Road. The pre-show party was free and featured class acts like Madness, Pixie Lott and Tony Christie.

Because Blackpool Illuminations are a seasonal attraction, they’ll be taken down for maintenance on November 8th 2009. If the weather is a little too brisk to stroll the entire six miles with the family, the decorative trams and buses are fun viewing alternatives.

Surrounding Attractions

What better way to end an evening of wonder than to ride the Pepsi Max Big One, located at Pleasure Beach theme park?  The park is open late on many evenings to accommodate tourists, and features some serious miles of rollercoasters. Be warned, however, as these scintillating coasters are not for the faint of heart.

If coasters don’t tickle your fancy, why not try your hand at the casino games? Nothing can top the thrill of Blackpool Illuminations 2009 like the sound of the jackpot siren. Budget-friendly daytime activities include exploring the expansive coastline, ballroom dancing in Blackpool Tower, and sampling some thirst-quenching English beer. Blackpool should definitely be on your travel itinerary if you travel out this way.

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