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Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

Home of the World's Largest Loonie

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

The town of Churchbridge may be small, but it’s mighty. Located close to Kamsack. Moosmin and Esterhazy, you’ll find lots of beautiful little back roads to travel along. It’s close to several lakes, streams and parks, and it’s right along the famous Yellowhead Highway, so it’s easy to get to. In fact, it’s a fantastic place to stop if you’re camping or just travelling through.

History of Churchbridge

As you might expect, the town of Churchbridge started as a mission for the Anglican Church in 1887. (It’s not named after a church near a bridge, but rather the Anglican Church and Reverend Robert Bridger who first settled the colony. ) The population of the settlement continued to grow with help from the CPR and the Mosaic Potash Mines nearby. And today, it’s home to almost 800 residents.

Interesting Facts About

  • The town has almost 800 residents, but just over 350 homes.
  • The large coin monument was erected in honour of Canada’s 125th anniversary coin, which was designed by Rita Swanson who is from the local area.
  • Many of the town’s residents are directly or indirectly involved with the area’s largest employer Mosiac Potash.

Mosaic Potash the main employer of Churchbridge

Photo Credit : jaredsuchan


Attractions & Activities

  • World’s Largest Loonie
  • Veteran’s Memorial Wall
  • Heritage Murals
  • Antler Acres Golf Club
  • Duck Mountain Regional Park
  • Asessippi Ski Resort

Restaurants & Bars

  • Churchbridge Co-Op Bakery and Convenience Store
  • WoJo’s Gas/Confectionary
  • The Bar
  • Churchbridge Variety Store
  • Tony’s Place Family Restaurant and Lounge


  • The Churchbridge Hotel
  • The Churchbridge Campground