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Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Home of the World's Largest Tomahawk & Cut Knife Hill Battlefield

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Thirty minutes west of North Battleford, Saskatchewan you’ll find the small town of Cut Knife. A fun, friendly little town that’s always excited to see new visitors. Make sure to learn about the fascinating history of the area. You’ll love the story and the many ways they share it. Promise.

History of Cut Knife, Saskatchewan

Named after a famous legend from the local aboriginal community, Cut Knife is actually the name of the lookout hill located just south of the village. In fact, many of the streets are named for officers of the 1885 Rebellion and the Battle of Cut Knife Hill. At the time, only the bravest of settlers were willing to survive the wilderness and dangers of the countryside.

Cut Knife Hill was an important landmark long before the village came into existence. Used by the Plains Cree as a vantage point for hunting buffalo and rival tribes, Cut Knife Hill watched over the Riel uprising. In his attempt to overtake Chief Poundmaker, Colonel W. D. Otter would also leave his mark on the hill. Chief Poundmaker spotted the colonel and his troops as they made their way from Battleford with their wagons and guns. So, they ambushed the army, and had the Chief not shown mercy, things could have ended very badly for the colonel. Eventually, however, the chief would be caught, imprisoned and would live the rest of his life in Gleishen, Alberta with Chief Crowfoot.
The worlds largest tomahawk in Cut Knife Saskatchewan

Photo Credit : Randy Adams

Today, two cairns mark the spot and share the story of the battle with future generations. Chief Poundmaker also rests just south of the Cut Knife Battlefield Cairn. And in Cut Knife, you’ll find the World’s Largest Tomahawk, built as a show of unity between the First Nations and the white population who reside in the area.

Interesting Facts About

  • The first Cut Knife post office was located in Nelson Dion’s house until 1907.
  • The community suffered with a lack of water until the installation of the village’s first water mains and sewer system in 1961.
  • The tepee under the giant tomahawk is thirty-five feet high and the log is fifty-four feet long.

Cut Knife Amenities

Attractions & Activities

  • < a href=””>World’s Largest Tomahawk
  • Cut Knife Rodeo Tomahawk Park
  • Cut Knife Hill
  • Table Mountain Ski Facility
  • Atton’s Lake Regional Park
  • Cut Knife Country Lanes Bowling
  • Atton’s Lake Golf Course
  • Pedersen Apiaries

Historic Sites

  • Chief Poundmaker Historical Site
  • Clayton Mclain Memorial Museum & Trout Pond

Restaurants & Bars

  • Cut Knife Family Foods
  • Mike’s Prime Quality Meats
  • Cut Knife Family Restaurant
  • Cut Knife Agencies
  • Lucerne Hotel
  • Country Roads Motor Inn


  • Lucerne Hotel
  • Country Roads Motor Inn
  • Atton’s Lake Campground