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Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller, Alberta

All Hail the Hoodoos, Dinosaurs and Mining History

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller, Alberta

Dinosaurs at Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller – THE place in Canada for dinosaur aficionados

Photo Credit : Laszlo Ilyes

Drumheller, Alberta may be in the Badlands region, have hoodoos and friendly people, but let’s be honest: It’s all about dinosaurs. In fact, it is THE place in Canada for dinosaur aficionados. And it’s close to Calgary and Medicine Hat, so it’s easy to fit into your Alberta travel plans.

History of Drumheller, Alberta

Prior to the construction of the railway station in 1912, the area now known as the town of Drumheller was a coal mine owned and operated by Colonel Samuel Drumheller. With the new influx of people to the area, the settlement’s population swelled to almost 3,000 people in 1931 and the area’s coal production increased with it. In fact, Drumheller was once the largest coal producer in Western Canada.

Today, Drumheller has grown to include more than 10 nearby communities to increase its population to more than 8,000. And while coal mining isn’t a big part of the industry anymore, it is still a big part of Canada’s energy industry. How? It’s located on Alberta’s second largest natural gas field.

Interesting Facts About Drumheller

  • In the winter, Drumheller often experiences chinooks. These are warm, dry winds that cause sudden drastic temperature changes. In many instances, chinooks can raise the temperature by 20 degrees or more in a few hours.
  • There are 106 stairs inside the world’s largest dinosaur.
  • If you’d like a fun new experience and see the area surrounding Drumheller in a unique way, take a helicopter.
  • The Drumheller region is often called Dinosaur Valley.
  • The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology receives almost 400,000 visitors annually. The Town of Drumheller has a population of just over 8,000.
  • Drumheller and the surrounding area have appeared in more than 50 movies, commercials and TV shows

Drumheller Amenities

Arts & Culture

  • Canadian Badlands Passion Play
  • Rosebud Theatre
  • Badlands Gallery
  • Ateliero Verda Fine Art Gallery
  • Rosebud Centennial Museum
  • Badlands Historical Centre


  • Dinosaur Downs Chuckwagon Races
  • Sports, Recreation & Arts Expo
  • Delia Fall Fair
  • DinoFest
  • May Day Miners’ Festival
  • East Coulee Spring Fest


  • Atlas Coal Mine
  • World’s Largest Dinosaur
  • Drumheller Hoodoos
  • Horsethief Canyon
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Bleriot Ferry
  • Rosedale Suspension Bridge
  • Reptile World
  • Little Church
  • Fossil World Discovery Centre

Restaurants & Bars

  • Sublime Food & Wine
  • Bridge Athens Greek Restaurant
  • Whifs Flap Jack House
  • Flavourz
  • Last Chance Saloon
  • Bernie & The Boys Bistro


  • HooDoo RV Resort & Campground
  • Dinosaur Hotel
  • Heartwood Inn and Spa
  • Newcastle Country Inn
  • Ramada Drumheller Hotel and Suites
  • Urban Place Bed and Breakfast
  • Del’s B&B