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Lancer, Saskatchewan

Lancer, Saskatchewan

Home of the World's Largest Chokecherry Branch and Chokecherry Festival

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Lancer, Saskatchewan

Lancer, Saskatchewan

An hour northwest of Swift Current lies the sleepy village of Lancer, but like books, you shouldn’t judge it by its cover. The town’s ferry is one of the main ways people in the province cross the South Saskatchewan River. It’s also a few minutes’ drive north of The Great Sandhills, one of the province’s unique and highly sensitive ecological regions. Most importantly, it’s one of the most beautiful prairie landscapes you’ll find anywhere around.
The Great Sandhills are near Lancer, Saskatchewan

History of Lancer, Saskatchewan

The village of Lancer began the same as many other small Saskatchewan towns — with the arrival of the CPR. However, from there, things change. How the village got its name for example.

Some people believe it has to do with the famous Crimean War cavalry called Lancers. In fact, the streets are named after various elements found in their uniforms including Balaclava, Plume, Sabre and Pennon. Others believe the village’s name came from the first two settlers in the district: Minnie Bell and Earl Kramer, whose brother’s name was Lancer and the first child buried in the area.

The rest of the village’s history is equally mysterious. All anyone really knows is that the land in the area was quickly snatched up when it was open for homesteading and another wave of residents took over the farms that had been abandoned during the Great Depression. Today, the village has just under 100 residents.

Interesting Facts About Lancer, Saskatchewan

  • The World’s Largest Chokecherry Branch stands at 21 feet and shows the fruit as well as the flower.
  • While small, the village has a thriving tourism industry due in part to its location along the South Saskatchewan River.

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