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Rocanville, Saskatchewan

Rocanville, Saskatchewan

Home of the World's Largest Oiler

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Rocanville, Saskatchewan

Rocanville, Saskatchewan

Rocanville is another small town, but it’s also one of the province’s most important ones. Why? Historically, the town’s oiler factory produced more than a million oil cans for the Second World War. And today, it’s the home of one of the country’s biggest potash mines. And for visitors, it is a wonderful stop after a relaxing and scenic drive through the Qu’appelle River Valley. (Just watch out for the family of racoons that once lived near the main curve going into town.)

History of Rocanville

Rocanville got its start in 1785 with the construction of Fort Esperance. A major food supply location, it attracted explorers, scientists and settlers. A hundred years later, however, the signing of Treaty 4 would spark settlement of the area and Red River Cart trading would bring the people and supplies to the area. Eventually, the arrival of the railroad in 1903 and grow the town from 83 to 450 in less than 20 years.

Agriculture was the main industry until the arrival of potash and oil drilling in the mid to late 90s. Today, this town of about 1000 people work in a number of industries including elk and deer production.

Interesting Facts About Rocanville

  • The town’s first postmaster was Rocan de Bastien.
  • Mysterious crop circles appeared in 1996. No one is quite sure how they got there or why they’re there.
  • The average resident is 40 years old.
  • The giant oiler outside town was erected in honour of Ernie Symons who created and mass produced one of the most popular oil cans for more than 50 years.
  • The town’s museum has one of the best vintage tractor collections in the country.

Rocanville Amenities

Activities & Attractions

  • Curling Rink, Skating Rink & Aquatic Centre
  • Golf Course
  • Donna Jack’s Gallery & Gift Shoppe
  • Valley Trails Horseback Vacation
  • Rocanville & District Museum
  • World’s Largest Oil Can
The Rocanville & District Museum

The Rocanville & District Museum

Historic Sites

  • Symons Oiler Factory
  • Rocanville and District Museum Site
  • Apollo Cafe
  • Blueberry Kitchen

Restaurants & Bars

  • New Oil Can Diner
  • Oven Door Bakery & Cafe
  • Julie’s Bakery & Cafe


  • Rocanville Motel & Campground
  • Fortune Inn
  • Garden Side Campgrounds