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The Pas, Manitoba

The Pas, Manitoba

The Trapper's Festival and Untamed Outdoor Adventures

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: The Pas, Manitoba

The Pas, Manitoba

Being in Northern Manitoba and one of the last communities north before you run out of road, The Pas has always been an important hub of activity for the province. It also means the town is surrounded by untamed wilderness much of which has never been developed in any way. If you’re looking for a more natural vacation with plenty of outdoor activities, be sure to add The Pas to your Manitoba vacation plans.

The Pas, Manitoba

The Pas, Manitoba

Photo Credit : Smulan77

History of The Pas, Manitoba

Originally a New France fort built by La Verendrye called Fort Pascoyac, The Pas was named for the aboriginals who lived along the Pasquia River. The Pas area aboriginals and Anglican Missionaries would eventually build their settlements around the trading post. However, when the railway arrived in the early 1900s, they would surrender the land to make way for what is now called the Town of The Pas. Today, the area is divided into the town, the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and the RM of Kelsey.

Interesting Facts About The Pas

  • Farley Mowat made The Pas famous when he featured the town in his children’s book Lost in the Barrens
  • The town is sometimes still called Paskoyac by locals.
  • Many of the town’s residents are still employed by the town’s lumber/paper mill.
  • The Pas’ Trapper’s Festival is Manitoba’s oldest festival. It has been held since 1916.

The Pas Amenities

Attractions and Events

  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park
  • Lido Theatre
  • Grass River
  • Sam Waller Museum
  • Canadian National Railway Station
  • Charlebois Chapel
  • Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival
  • Annual Fair and Exhibition


  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park
  • Lido Theatre
  • Grass River
  • Sam Waller Museum

Restaurants & Bars

  • Miss The Pas Restaurant
  • New Hawaiian Restaurant
  • Pyrgos Pizza
  • Burger Ranch
  • VIP Gardens
  • Niska Dining Room and Lounge


  • Wescana Inn
  • Super 8 Motel The Pas
  • KiKiWak Hotel and Conference Centre
  • Watchi Bay Bed & Breakfast
  • Kum Bac Kabins
  • Camper’s Cove