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Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Boreal Forest Beauty & First Nations History Galore

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Located along Manitoba’s Interlakes, Whiteshell Provincial Park is most noted by its pink granite ridges and flat petroforms. Today, the almost 3,000 square kilometres of park is filled with remote lakes, boreal forest and First Nations history to enjoy.

History of Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Because the Winnipeg and Whiteshell Rivers run through the park, Whiteshell Provincial Park was an important location for the Ojibway, Anishinaabe and Midewiwin people in the area. They’d hold various ceremonies here in addition to copper trading, quartz mining and tool making. And aside from Louise-Joseph Gaultier de La Verendrye’s 1734 visit while he attempted to find a route to the Western Sea, the area remained almost untouched.

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Photo Credit : Sean Hobson

Vacationers didn’t really start coming to the area until roads began to be developed in 1920. In 1930 Whiteshell became a forest reserve, and after some campgrounds and picnic sites were put in, it received provincial park status in 1961.

Interesting Facts About Whiteshell Provincial Park

  • The park has more than 20 lakes, many of which aren’t easily accessible.
  • Aboriginal peoples still use the park for wild rice harvesting.
  • There are three main entrances into the park, but be aware that you must have a permit for the park before entering.
  • Smoked mooneye meat is referred to locally as “Winnipeg goldeye”.
  • Female lake sturgeon can easily live 150 years old and reach six feet or more in length. (And weigh upwards of 200 lbs.)
  • Whiteshell’s Mantario Trail is 60 km in length and said to be the most challenging one in the park.

Whiteshell Provincial Park Amenities

Attractions and Historic Sites

  • Whiteshell Natural History Museum
  • Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary
  • Whiteshell Trappers Museum
  • West hawk Museum
  • Whiteshell Fish Hatchery Interpretive Centre


  • Campfire Talks
  • Whiteshell Cinema
  • Sunset Tours of the Bannock Point Petroforms
  • Fishes of Manitoba Family Program


Restaurants & Bars

  • Falcon Lake Bakery & Bistro
  • Falcon’s Nest Cafe
  • Night Hawk Cafe
  • West Wok Restaurant
  • Wild Thang on the Beach
  • Pitmans on 44


  • Barrier Bay Resort
  • Betula Lake Resort
  • Big Buffalo Resort
  • Big Whiteshell Lodge
  • Brereton Lake Resort
  • Falcon Beach Ranch
  • Crescent Beach Cottages and Motel
  • Caddy Lake Resort