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Wilkie, Saskatchewan

Wilkie, Saskatchewan

A Small Railway Town With a Spectacular View

  • Author: Angie, Head Prairie Traveler
  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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  • Address: Wilkie, Saskatchewan

Wilkie, Saskatchewan

If you wonder why growing up in small town Saskatchewan is such a memorable thing, you only have to look at Wilkie. While I’m sure the locals could spend hours telling you fun and interesting stories about the town and its history as you sip a cup of coffee, even the town itself tells an important story. And if that isn’t enough, the unique prairie beauty will definitely captivate you.

History of Wilkie, Saskatchewan

Like many of the small towns in the Canadian prairies, Wikie was a railway town. Originally, part of Goose Lake Country, the area was finally settled shortly after the founding of the Medicine Hat Trail with the establishment of C.J. Logan’s general store. (The first post office named the settlement Glenlogan.) A few short years later in 1908, the settlement was renamed Wilkie after CPR investor and Imperial Bank of Canada President Mr. Daniel Robert Wilkie. And all the streets in the town are all related to Mr. Wilkie and those connected to the bank. At the time, it had 300 residents and 30 businesses.

Eventually, steel and lumber would come to the community and lead to the creation of the town’s first grain elevator, power plant, school, rink and more. And today, the town still offers a number of amenities in its search to keep the dreams of those early settlers alive.

Wilkie Amenities

Activities & Attractions

  • Wikie Community Centre
  • Wilkie Museum
  • Golf Course
  • Regional Recreation Park
  • Memorial park
  • Krissy’s Salon
  • CWL Used Clothing Store


  • Jump Into Summer
  • Marafun Run
  • Farmers Day Celebrations

Restaurants & Bars

  • Delta Co-op Bakery
  • Reddi Mart


  • Wilkie Homestead Inn
  • Wilkie Motel
  • Wilkie Regional Park