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Top UK Theme Parks: Let’s Explore!

Top UK Theme Parks: Let’s Explore!

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I’ve received numerous questions about the UK theme parks I’d mentioned previously. And, since I’ve recently made the decision to move to the UK, I thought it would be fun to explore them a little more. I can hardly wait to try them myself! So, without further ado…

If you’re looking for a new sensation-packed stomping ground, the top family theme parks in the United Kingdom will not fail to delight. Whether you’re into thrilling rollercoasters or haunted houses, the UK’s best parks have something to offer everyone.

Here is a list of the UK’s theme park leaders:

Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach Blackpool(credit)

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Since 1896, Pleasure Beach Blackpool  theme park has enticed millions of visitors each year. Highlights of this family theme park include over 125 attractions, the unique Wild Mouse wooden rollercoaster, the family-friendly River Caves, the Valhalla, and of course, the Pepsi Max Big One. The Big One includes a 235ft drop and endless twists. As one of Europe’s tallest coasters, the Big One is one of the major draws for theme park aficionados from all over the world.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Alton Towers is an easily accessible, beautifully landscaped, family theme park. For adrenalin-junkies, Nemesis and Oblivion are the main attractions, but children of all ages will certainly enjoy Cloud Cuckoo Land, the sensational Sharkbait Reef and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride. If you intend to visit over the summer, pack your swimsuit to enjoy the Log Flume water ride!

Drayton Manor Park and Zoo, West Midlands

Drayton Manor offers the best of both worlds: an exciting zoo and a lively theme park. Get your thrills on when you ride Stormforce 10, Apocalypse, and the legendary G-Force. Then, enjoy a relaxing walk around Thomas Land. The Curse of Skull Rock is a unique cinematic 4D experience new for 2009. And of course, everyone enjoys getting away from the crowds for a while to view the zoo animals.

Stealth -- Thorpe Park UK Roller Coaster(credit)

Thorpe Park, Surrey

Thorpe Park is home to some seriously intense coaster experiences including Europe’s fastest rollercoaster, Stealth, and the scream-producing Nemesis Inferno. SAW is the new horror experience for 2009. Tidal Wave, Rush and Slammer are also among the top draws for this terrific theme park. If you’re determined to lose your stomach, try the Colossus and its seemingly endless loop-de-loops.

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

Located just outside the capital, Chessington is often described as the ultimate family theme park. Almost all of the rides are suitable for children under the age of twelve, and there are some super attractions for teens and adults, too. Major pulls include the Sea Life Center, the Zoo, Bubbleworks, Rameses Revenge and the legendary Tomb Blaster. Enjoy the variety of attractions here, and take the whole family along for the ride!

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